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Auroral Vectors - North Pole Alaska March 2004

A vivid quick moving auroral display


Aurora Flame - North Pole, Alaska

This shot was taken on 11 March 2004 during a period of very heavy solar flare activity the day be


Aurora Torch - taken in North Pole, Alaska

A fast moving auroal display that quickly filled the sky


Fort Knox Swirl - Taken near the famous gold mine outside Fairbanks, Alaska

A very bright swirling aurora that lit up the sky, snow, and surrounding trees on my way past the Fort Knox Gold mine about 30 miles East of Fairbanks. My black and white version of this picture took 1st Place in Celestial Phenomena at the 2004 Alaska State Fair.


Aurora Edges

North Pole, Alaska seen from the forest edge. A landscape picture available in 4:9 aspect from 4"x9" to 24"x54". Email for quote other than 8"x18" listed.


Double Swirl

This was the view exiting the Ft Knox Gold Mine outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.


Aurora Stream - North Pole, Alaska January, 2004

A fast moving stream of light that quickly appeared directly overhead near sunset.


Aurora Currents

The sky as seen from the Chena Lakes Recreation area at 11:15pm on March 11, 2004. If you look under the 'h' in 'north' just before the aurora begins you can see where a shooting star was caught during this time lapse photo! The too bright star in the right field is the planet Venus.


Aurora Dancer - From North Pole, Alaska March 2004

Double ribbon that quickly shimmered over the entire sky then faded completely two minutes later. The streak in this time lapse photo is not a shooting star ...... a satellite this time - it appeared in the photo taken before and after too!


Aurora Shower

A huge Aurora in North Pole, Alaska on September 10, 2005.


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