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Aurora ScreenSaver CD - 700+ Northern Lights Images

Everyone who has viewed this disk raves about it. CD of beautiful full color Northern Lights images by low light photographer Kevin McCarthy of North Pole, Alaska. Disk is professionally prepared, beautifully printed, and arrives in a protective DVD style case signed and numbered by the artist Over 700 different auroras taken in and around the North Pole, Alaska area during periods of high aurora activity. Many images were captured in sequence allowing you to witness and enjoy the natural movement and changes an aurora makes. Images from this disk can be used for much more than screensavers. Use a digital picture frame to create awe-inspiring living Northern Lights in your home or office. Design your own custom postage stamps and stationary. Perfect for school work, science projects or spice up your personal web page! Images have been drastically reduced to fit so many on just one CD. These reduced sized images offer quick loading for computers, fast display in digital picture frames and are the perfect size for email and web design use. You will fall in love with these images. Professionally printed disk and dust cover make an unusual and perfect gift for any occasion.


Aurora Edges II

Taken a few minutes after Aurora Edges on the night of March 11, 2004 shortly before midnight in North Pole, Alaska - the Aurora has moved and sky darkened. This image is rectangular in a ratio of 1:1.6 with custom sizes available. Example 10" x 16", 14" x 22.5"


Aurora 3339 Thanksgiving Night 2006

A huge swirl Aurora captured Thanksgiving Night 2006 in North Pole Alaska. This image has received rave reviews from photographers and viewers all over the world! This Aurora was taken at very high resolution and is suitable for 24x36 display, extreme enlargements and wall paper.


Aurora Arch

A huge panoramic Auroral Arch of a North to South display spanning a Full Moon. This image was captured in North Pole, Alaska during a shoot October, 2006. It is a merge of 5 high resolution images combined into one massive image. It is available in 8" x 18" and looks very nice in size 14" x 48" on artistic canvas. This can be enlarged to 24" x 84" with custom sizes including wall papers available.


#2978 Aurora Dragon - October 14, 2006

A crisp image of the Aurora in the shape of a dragon's head with the Big Dipper also clearly visible


#2913 Aurora Flare - October 14, 2006

Image of an exceptionally strong aurora taken October 14, 2006. A small amount of the sun's last orange glow of the day at the lower left is a testiment to the strength of the display. The trees in the foreground give the viewer a realistic sense of aurora's size and magnitude. Nice field of crisp stars in the background.


#2469 Aurora of Alaska - September 30, 2006

Taken on 30 September 2006 during an unexpected brilliant display of the Aurora. The trees in the foreground help give the viewer a sense of size. Image captures a full sky of aurora with the symbol of the State of Alaska at the top - the Big Dipper.


Aurora Circle - North Pole Alaska October 2004

A beautiful Auroral circle that formed over the town.


Aurora Emerging - Nenanna, Alaska

Shot just before sunrise a few miles outside the town of Nenana, Alaska.


Aurora Tree Line - North Pole, Alaska

This is what the Aurora looked like a few minutes after the picture "Aurora Circle" was formed.


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