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These are links to some of my favorite places on the web for photography, ice art and aurora information and watching.

Want to know if the Northern Lights will be out tonight and don't want to wake up every hour to stick your head out the window? This site is a wealth of information for any where on the globe.http://www.sec.noaa.gov/SWN/?

This site is specific for aurora activity forcasting in Canada and Alaska only http://www.birchwoodtours.com/default.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/aurora/57/default.aspx

http://www.icealaska.com/ is home to the annual International Ice Carving Championships held in Fairbanks, Alaska each March. It's a wonderful group of volunteers and ice carvers from all over the world enjoying themselves?in the cold.

The people at Image Walls can take pictures from northpolegallery.com and turn them into huge wallpapers - from 3' x 3' to 25' x 25' they can cover any wall. http://www.imagewalls.com/

Images in Tile can turn photos into custom ceramic tiles http://www.imagesintile.com/

At Wunderground weather you can find the weather for nearly any place on the planet - AND - view photographs submitted by people who have visited or live in that area. http://www.wunderground.com/

www.arts-directory.org Is a large listing of online artists from ceramics to photography

You can find a nice selection of stock photos here http://ImageSelect.eu/


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