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Tari submitted on 25/09/2009 18:00:55
I used to live up in Alaska, then moved to CT. I am so homesick, I will be back there some day. The last time I was up there was to get married in 2002, my husband fell in love with Alaska and we were going to move up there. Unfortunately, he passed on at a young age. Thank you for your website, it makes me feel at home until I can get back up there where my heart is.

Sandi Lopez submitted on 14/02/2009 21:17:54
I am coming up there next month, for about the 15th time, 3rd in the winter, and your advice on photographing the lights is quite appreciated. They are truly a religious experience. This is a great site - thanks for the advice.

lostarmadillo submitted on 17/01/2009 10:07:05
Kevin, Helpful and interesting info. You've spent a lot of time on your website, besides the time taking photos. I've taken aurora shots in the past, but am interested in trying video. I'll let you know.

Di submitted on 10/09/2008 15:05:48
I am just amazed at the most beautiful images especially the aurora images, I have never seen anything like this before being from Australia. It would be interesting to know if such things happen here. Well done your an amazing photographer

Rosario Vaghan submitted on 09/09/2008 04:27:58
Kathy had sent me your website. I am soo impressed with all your pictures .. my favorite are the northern lights. Great shots ! Rosario

Michael Hale submitted on 07/09/2008 01:26:19
It was great to see your September 6 morning picture of the Aurora Borealis, one of the things I miss most after leaving AK last year. It reminded me of a place that will always be "home" in my heart. Thank you for inspiring me with your talent and your gift. Every day truly is a photo-op in Alaska. -mh

Laura submitted on 06/09/2008 22:12:14
Wow, wow, wow! The photos actually brought tears to my eyes. I could get lost in those lights. You certainly have a gift of capturing nature's wondrous beauty! Lucky you!

Kathy Adams submitted on 17/08/2008 23:24:10
Hi Kevin, I sent your link to others to show them the work you do. I tried to e-mail them a copy of one of your photos but that didn't work - any ways - I'm really looking forward to learning how to shoot the Aurora from you! I have invited quite a few fellow photographer friends. :) THANK YOU for being so helpful and willing to share what you know! See you then!

Greg Pankau submitted on 01/08/2008 17:04:05
Very nice work, Kevin. With all your varied interests and talents, you are a true renaissance man. I shudder to think how many images you had to expose to get these wonderful shots. It is hard to pick a favorite, especially of the Aurora.

Ashley submitted on 29/06/2008 22:51:59
Thank you so much for all your advise, and WOW your photography is amazing! Again thank you for all your help, I now look forward to moving to Fairbanks more than ever!

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