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Mammoth Hunters - from 2004 International Ice Carving Championships, Fairbanks Alaska

An Award Winning Photo - earned a 1st Place Blue Ribbon in the Ice Sculptures division at the August 2004 Alaska State Fair. Photo was taken 15 March 2004 when the temperature was -38F. An awesome ice carving nearly 28 feet tall constructed by the USA team.


2006 "The Chase"

"The Chase" a nearly 14' carving from the 2006 Fairbanks, Alaska single block International Ice Carving Competition. This USA entry earned 4th Place in the Realistic catagory.


2006 "Moose Crossing" #1

From the 2006 Fairbanks, Alaska International Ice Carving Competition


2006 "Moose Crossing" # 2

From the 2006 Fairbanks, Alaska International Ice Carving Competition


2006 "Allure"

"Allure" from the 2006 International Ice Carving Championship held in Fairbanks, Alaska. This USA team carving earned 3rd Place in Realistic catagory.


Flying Ice Rays - from 2004 International Ice Carving Championships, Fairbanks, Alaska

Another Award Winning Photo - earned 1st Place in the "Ice Carving Black and White" division at the 2004 Alaska State Fair. This is not your average shot with the colors desaturated on a computer - it was taken moments after completion by the artists when only white lights are allowed on the art work, and, just before the judges arrived. Shot on 12 March 2004 when the temps were near -43F.


2004 "Bone Chilling Discovery"

Life sized velociraptor skeleton from the single block 2004 International Ice Carving Competition held in Fairbanks, Alaska. An ice carving by a USA team completed in 2 1/2 days. Picture taken the night of 12 March 04.


Combat Medic - Bassett Army Hospital, Ft. Wainwright, Alaska

A life sized sculpture created at the main entrance to the Bassett Army Hospital, Ft. Wainwright near Fairbanks, Alaska. Carved in late January 2004 by the renown local ice artist Vladimir, the work was completely destroyed by a freak warm spell days after finishing. This is possibly the only professional quality picture of the well liked and emotional exhibit.


Michelanglo's Creation of Adam in Ice #1 - 2004 IICC Fairbanks, Alaska

Wonderful ice rendition of the great painting - taken just minutes after completion and before judging under the white construction lighting. The day following completion a partial warming spell destroyed small details and parts of the exhibit. One of several pictures of this carving I will post.


Polar Dental

January 2004 Ice Art of a happy Polar Bear and his Puffin buddy on a dentist chair outside Troy Burn's dental office on Santa Claus Lane in downtown North Pole, Alaska.


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